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How to Stay Motivated to Move



What is it that is motivating you toward a more fit lifestyle? The desire to look better, feel better and have more energy? Or, is it that you would like to be fit but lack the motivation to get moving?

Having had my children a bit later in life gave me the desire to be a fit mom so I would be able to keep up with my kids. In addition to that, I wanted to be able to pass on to them what I learned along the way. That initial motivation became a lifestyle.

But what happens when motivation wanes? It becomes easy to make excuses or justify cheating on a wholesome way of eating or skipping a workout. Motivation gets you started, but discipline is the key to long-term success.

Here are tips to help you stay disciplined and keep your fitness commitments:


  1. Preplan your workouts for the week every Sunday.
  2. Pack your gym bag the night before
  3. If you start your morning with a cup of coffee, preset the pot to brew so it is ready when you wake up.
  4. Set your alarm clock for a specific time and DON’T allow yourself it hit snooze!
  5. Plan your meals for a week or two at a time.
  6. Prepare your breakfast and lunch the night before.
  7. Track your progress. It’s fun to see how far you’ve come! And, celebrate goals you achieve!
  8. Join a 4-6 week fitness challenge. To make it even more fun, invite friends to join too so you can encourage each other and enjoy some friendly competition!