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How to Start Living Fit in 3 Steps



You want to start your fitness routine, but what’s the best way to make sure you’re successful?

I tackled this same question and learned first-hand – all it takes to get started is three straightforward steps.


Set an attainable goal that is important to you and write it down or say it out loud.  I wanted to be in better shape at 45 than I had ever been at 35. I announced that to my husband right before my 40th birthday. He grinned and said, “Ok, good luck with that.” That’s where it started. My mind was determined to follow through and I did. I took the challenge.


I knew I had to move my body for starters. I committed to setting aside time each day to improve my fitness. For the first several weeks I simply went for a walk. Every single day. It takes about 66 days to form a new habit.* I was consistent about walking. Then I realized I could go so much further if I jogged and soon I fell in love with running. It wasn’t long and I had signed up for my first 5k!  When I would talk about running with my friends I found some of them also enjoy running and they turned out to be invaluable running partners: hitting the snooze button when you’ve made arrangements to meet your friend for a run or at the gym just isn’t an option.


You will see results and reach your goal much faster if you create consistency in your workout schedule. When people ask me how I became fit, my answer is always “consistency and discipline.” After a few months of consistent running with solo and with friends I realized that 5k wasn’t enough and signed up for a half marathon. As I training for longer races I realized not only had I met my original goal, but I was ready to make new, even more rewarding, fitness goals.

These 3 steps worked for me – I am in better shape now than ever before! If you’re interested in starting to life fit too don’t wait–start today!

*Peters, Lucia. “How Long Does It Take to Develop a New Habit? 66 Days, Says Science (Or, Debunking the 21 Day Myth).” Bustle, 12 Jan. 2015, www.bustle.com/articles/58195.)